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What is CERT / What Are It's Requirements

The original concept of CERT was to train volunteers to respond during large scale disasters, natural or man-made, and provide first aid and support to the citizens of the affected communities. Based on the needs of the communities being served, modifications have been made over the years to the CERT concept. We are preparing ourselves to respond to a large-scale disaster in The Villages and, if necessary, the surrounding communities. Most of our time in serving the community is done by our CERT teams providing the personnel, equipment, and medical supplies at major events in The Villages at the town squares, veterans’ park and the polo field. We never work alone. We always work with 2 or more in a group.

There is one other disaster that we also train for. It is what we call the “individual disaster”. For instance, finding a neighbor, friend or loved one in a situation that requires you to keep them alive for 5 minutes until the EMS/Rescue personnel arrive. If it is a cardiac, hemorrhaging, airway or shock related event, five minutes could feel like forever if you are working alone. In order to become proficient, and to maintain proficiency in life saving skills, a minimum of 18 hours a year of continuing education, training and volunteering at events are required. Once you graduate from CERT basic training, we provide the continuing education that you will need through regularly scheduled classes.

Annual Minimum Participation and Training Requirements:

  • General CERT Meeting (1 of 4 per year)
  • Division Team Meetings (2 of 6 per year)
  • Monthly Training Class (1 of 12 per year)
  • Annual CERT Training (ACT) (1 of 8 per year)
  • CPR/AED/Heimlich Training (every other year)
  • Volunteer for 2 major villages events (there are about 40 per year to choose from)
  • Meeting these requirements results in approximately 18 hours per year

Because CERT is a volunteer organization dealing with emergency situations, you are required to keep your response skills properly maintained. If you feel attending continuing education classes is too much of a demand on your schedule, CERT may not be for you. Please think about this before you commit.

The CERT Organization

CERT of the Villages is a joint partnership with the Villages Public Safety Department. Training is conducted by the skilled and experienced members of the CERT organization with assistance from local and state agencies with funding provided by grants and donations.


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