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The CERT Basic Course consists of thirty-six hours of instruction split into twelve class sessions. Upon completion of the classroom and hands-on course of instruction you will attend a Disaster Drill after which you will graduate. At that time you will be assigned to a CERT team within your Village area. The Basic Course, which was funded by The Department Homeland Security and developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), covers the following topics(not necessarily in this order):

The CERT Organization & Disaster Preparedness           

Fire Safety & HAZMAT

Disaster Psychology

Terrorism and CERT

Light Search and Rescue                                                     

Incident Command Systems (VPSD)

Disaster Medical Operations I                                              

Disaster Medical Operations II

Medical Practical                                                                   

CPR/AED Instruction

CPR/AED Practical                                                               

Disaster Simulation (always last class)

Upon graduation you will have the opportunity to attend classes and drills that are held monthly at various locations in The Villages. These sessions include emergency responder subject matter from various government agencies and emergency aid organizations as well as material based on the wide variety skills and experience that our members have brought with them.  It is a CERT requirement that each member continue their education by attending at least 8 hours of training each year. Session schedules are on the CERT WEB site calendar.